Understand the magic of Atlantis’ bathroom products, and why we’re so confident in our Linea Quattro™, EasyTile™ and EasyChannel™ systems, and EasyNiche™ Tiled Product Shelves that we offer a 25-year leak-free warranty.


View our installation overview, video instructions and full PDF installation instructions below.

Atlantis all-in-one Shower System

With the Atlantis all-in-one Shower System, we’ve taken away the risk and hard work involved in building tiled showers.

Installed correctly, our shower systems will give a lifetime of leak-free, problem-free showering. Detailed installation instructions are included with every shower system, and will vary according to the type of shower system purchased. Please read and follow all installation instructions carefully. To minimise any installation risk we recommend that only qualified tradespeople are used to install the components of our shower system. *Please note that these images are a general installation guide, not the complete instructions. Full instructions are supplied with the product at time of delivery.

Standard Level-Entry Linea Quattro™ Shower Installation Steps

Existing timber floor
Flooring from the shower area removed. Plumbing setup for the correct waste position
Extra blocking added between floor joists
Additional flooring installed to create a recessed platform for the base to sit on
Linea Quattro shower base fitted using the supplied construction adhesive
Waste fitting top connected. Shower walls lined to finish flush with the shower base upstand
Critical connection strips applied where the base connects with the floor and walls
Walls waterproofed using your preferred liquid waterproofing method
Wall glazing channels fitted directly onto the waterproof membrane, interlocking with the factory-sealed base glazing channels. Rest of floor waterproofed.
Shower/bathroom tiled
Tap ware installed
Atlantis 2140mm frameless glass screens installed. Linea Quattro watertight shower is complete

Installation Instructions

Download full PDF instructions below.