The Atlantis Shower Base System

about_solution-planThe most important part of any tiled shower space is the part that’s hidden…. starting with the shower base.

The Atlantis method is all about making tiled shower construction easier, safer and problem-free.

Traditionally, building a level-entry (or in situ) shower on a wooden floor has been no easy task. The usual method of forming and screeding a wooden floor from scratch is a job that can take days, requires a high level of skill and comes with considerable risks.

By combining the critical steps into a pre-finished system, Atlantis has taken away the hard work and eliminated the risks of building a tiled shower.

With the design of an integrated tile-over shower system (Linea Quattro™ and EasyTile™), our components form a complete capsule to retain water within the shower. The precision-made connections combine together to assure long-term performance durability –  it’s why Atlantis showers are so easy to install, why they’re leak-free, and also why they’re so durable!

The Atlantis Tile Shower System components include the ready-to-tile shower base (already 100% waterproof), integrated waste outlet, glazing channels and glass screens (in your choice of styles), as well as the necessary fitting components and materials. Everything is included, except the tiles and tapware – leaving you with the freedom to add the finished look and character you desire for your frameless shower.

An Atlantis all-in-one shower system brings design and placement freedom as never before. It’s equally at home upstairs or down and is able to be recessed into your floor for level-entry access or placed on the top of your existing floor to achieve a small step entry.

And its worth emphasising the peace of mind knowing that every Atlantis Tile Over Shower Base comes with a bulletproof guarantee of performance and durability – 25 years to be exact.