Architectural Projects

Superior solutions for custom projects.

Atlantis tiled shower systems are ideally suited for any type of commercial project – ranging from group house building to hotels, apartments and all kinds of residential buildings.

We’re relied on for our expertise in tiled and prefinished showers; including quality materials, bulletproof trays, limitless sizes, and unrivalled warranties.


 Bulletproof integrity

We are widely specified on many leading building developments, especially where a guaranteed shower system is desired to control costs, minimise the construction risk, and to fit in with the demanding work schedule. As well as offering design freedom, ease and speed of installation, and exceptional value.


Rock-solid performance.

With Atlantis, our point of difference can be summarised in the word “solid”:

  • Solid shower base – made of reinforced fibreglass laminate
  • Solid guarantee – for a lifetime of leak-free showering
  • Solid head start – with complete installation in just a few hours
  • Solid savings – time, cost and labour

More information about the rock-solid benefits of the Atlantis system visit the Atlantis Solution page.

If you are a specifier, builder, developer or project manager involved in a commercial building project, Atlantis Commercial Managers are happy to meet and talk with you to discuss your requirements.

We welcome enquiries for custom developments and contract pricing.

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