The Atlantis Solution

What makes our system different?

shower-base-installation-medThe Atlantis system is an all-in-one shower solution that takes care of just about everything.

In 2001 we revolutionised the way tiled shower spaces were made by offering the first ever completely integrated tile shower system – with no leaks guaranteed!

Our unique shower base innovation and secure waterproofing connections remain unrivaled. The fully compatible and precision-fit components come together to form a watertight structure that will never let you down.

Our solution eliminates the costly processes that are involved in more traditional methods and risks inherent in other systems. The result is a robust and durable tiled shower space that is ready in no time.

Solid Base

The Atlantis tile-over shower base is unlike any other. The one-piece waterproof shower base made from durable materials forms a solid shower floor that will not flex or move. Most bases can be installed onto existing floors for low-step entry, or can be recessed into the floor structure with minimal alterations required.

100% Waterproof

Made of heavy-duty FRP composite and enclosed with a generously high upstand along each wall-side, the Atlantis tile-over shower base is already waterproof and designed for perfect water drainage, leaving no chance for water to escape other than where directed.

Superior Glazing Channels

Atlantis glazing channels are designed to interlock at the critical corner junctions, providing a complete water seal and giving you extra peace of mind. The base channel comes factory fitted onto the base, and the wall channel is applied direct to the waterproofing before tiling to create a superior result.

Highest Quality Safety Screens

Whether you prefer a fully-enclosed shower or just to walk-in, Atlantis pre-finished screens are made to the highest safety standards and are designed to work perfectly with the rest of the shower structure. No separate measuring or waiting required, or reliance on other suppliers. Optional clip-on door seals enhance water tightness even more.


Tiled recessed shower shelves can be difficult and time-consuming to construct and waterproof. The Atlantis one-piece EasyNiche™ is made from rigid GRP material, and can be fitted easily and quickly into the wall for an attractive and fail-safe result.

25 Year Warranty

Because our showers have been rigorously designed and tested from start to finish, we are so confident in the performance of our showers that we promise leak-free showering for the life of your shower. While each system component comes with an individual guarantee, all Atlantis tile-over shower bases offer a 25-year durability and leak-free warranty. No other shower manufacturer comes close to offering this much peace of mind.