• What is the Atlantis Shower Base System

    The Atlantis shower base system is a complete pre-finished package which comes with all the ready-to-assemble components you need to quickly and reliably create a leak-proof shower structure on site. This method is ideal for wooden floors – which otherwise require difficult and time-consuming preparation to form and screed the floor – and in areas where you cannot afford to take risks – such as upstairs bathrooms. Atlantis have also recently introduced the EasyChannel System, which is a complete method for installing a precast channel drain into a concrete floor.

  • What does it include?

    The Atlantis Base & Screen Package comes complete with everything needed to construct the framework of the shower in the shape and size you require. This includes the ready-to-tile shower base, a waste outlet that connects to your plumbing, toughened frame-less glass screens. Where a Base Only Package is purchased, it comes with a factory-fitted glazing channel (to accommodate a 10mm frame-less screen), applicable waste outlet and/or drain, it is also supplied with adhesive for fixing to the floor.

  • How does the Atlantis system compare to a traditional in-situ shower?

    There are a number reasons why you might choose a complete system over the traditional method of custom tiling and custom ordering of screens:

    1. It’s quicker. Everything you need to build your shower comes in a complete package and is delivered on site at the same time. Ideal for renovations or where minimal time is available. Unlike traditional methods of forming a shower base on a wooden floor, you may not need to modify the flooring structure as most Atlantis shower bases can be installed onto a sub-floor at the level of existing floor joists in less than an hour.

    2. It’s smarter. Because the shower base is pre-made in a factory environment, everything is taken care of to achieve a solid and reliable platform for your shower – including perfect slopes to the waste outlet and other precision features that would be difficult and time-consuming to achieve from scratch.

    3. It’s 100% waterproof. The Atlantis shower base is specially designed to contain water and direct it to the integrated waste outlet. Whatever style you choose, the shower base is made from solid reinforced laminate material that is already 100% waterproof and will contain any water within the shower area.

    4. You can achieve a level-access shower on a timber floor – easily and safely. The Atlantis all-in-one system offers everything you need to create the framework of a level-access shower, without (in most cases) the need for cutting into your joists or making any other structural alterations to the floor. The specially designed level-entry shower base comes with pre-formed falls to the (integrated) waste, and connects easily to your existing floor and floor waterproofing.

    5 . Comes with superior quality screens and finishing details. Atlantis systems come with the very highest quality safety glass screens, patch hinges and door hardware to create a sophisticated but pared down look in keeping with current lifestyle trends.

  • What does the Atlantis Guarantee apply to?

    Atlantis guarantees the durability and performance of its system, giving you total assurance that you will never experience leaks during the normal lifetime of the shower. While each component of the system is warranted separately, the critical performance area of the shower is the shower base (and the connections to it), so for full tile-over shower bases (Linea Quattro and EasyTile) this is where the Atlantis 25-year leak-free guarantee applies. Be aware that with any frame-less shower there will be some surface splashes, depending on where the door is located and the position and water pressure of the tap-ware. This is one of the reasons it is important to ensure correct waterproofing of the entire bathroom floor, especially where you are building on a timber stud. The Atlantis warranty applies to the shower base area only.

  • Can I install the shower myself?

    Atlantis shower base systems are designed for ease of installation; and most components can be installed quickly by following the detailed instructions that come with every component. Preparation of the shower floor area, installation of the shower base and screens can generally be undertaken by any competent trades-person. Atlantis recommends you use licensed tradespeople who are prepared to guarantee their work. As with any similar product, there are installation risks if you are not an experienced trades-person. Your warranty may also be affected if you do not follow instructions and achieve acceptable trade workmanship standards.

  • Do I need to buy the complete system?

    While we recommend purchasing a Base & Screen Package as the best option for most situations, you can also buy a partial system or components where appropriate. Talk to your retail sales consultant or call Atlantis for prices for Base only or component options.

  • Is my warranty affected if I don't purchase the complete system?

    The manufacturer’s leak-free warranty applies to the Atlantis shower base regardless of which system components are purchased. The shower base must be purchased and supplied with the factory-fitted base (glazing) channel; and all supplied base components must be used and installed following the instructions. Other shower components purchased individually come with their own warranty. See the Atlantis Warranties page for further details.

  • Will I get compliance?

    The Atlantis shower base method is compliant with the Building Code of New Zealand and both meets and exceeds best practice building methods for the construction of a frameless shower. Where required, your builder or installer can issue a certificate of compliance to meet any consent requirements.

  • How can i get spare parts?

    Atlantis carries parts for all current product lines – however some older model’s parts may not be stocked. Click HERE to see a parts list. These can be purchased from any plumbing retailer.

  • Am I able to return Atlantis Products?

    The Atlantis range of products is extensive. A large portion of our range is manufactured at time of order to suit individual customer requirements. Due to this many products are non-returnable. All products returnable must be undamaged in original packaging.  Any product that has been installed or partially installed is unable to be returned.

    Products that are non-returnable include but are not limited to –

    Custom made showers
    Architectural Finishes
    Foundry Series upgrade (including black)
    2mm Acrylic Wall Liners
    Ellure Tile Look Walls
    Essential Connections
    Products more than 3 months old

    Please confirm your requirements prior to ordering.  If you are unsure don’t hesitate to contact us.