Ambience 900×900

  • Solid tile over base
  • Low profile 50mm hob entry
  • Central EasyClean waste supplied
  • Tile insert draincover included
  • 85mm wall upstand
  • Easy to Install
  • 25-year warranty
  • Upgrade your shower hardware with Foundry Series (additional charge applies)
  • Recommended Shower Installers

Technical Specification / Screen Option

Base Installation Instructions

Screen Installation Instructions


The EasyTile™ Ambience 2 wall angle front shower is the ideal tiled shower system for a classic yet elegant bathroom. It features a low profile 100% waterproof shower tray, centre tile insert drain, and premium frameless shower screens. Upgrade to Foundry Series Hardware for the latest in bathroom style.

Below is a typical EasyTile base profile, on a concrete floor:
Note: Typical Profile only. Also compatible with concrete floor.