• 9 Standard sizes in 3 different models
  • Structurally solid and self-supporting precast unit made of laminated GPR composite
  • 100% waterproof including the Atlantis 25-year warranty
  • Includes 40mm Easy Clean trap
  • 85mm high upstand for secure connection to wall
  • Tile-over drain cover

EasyChannel Profile

Technical Specifications – 2 Wall Back Left Hand Channel

Technical Specifications – 2 Wall Back Right Hand Channel

Technical Specifications – 3 Wall Back Channel



The Atlantis EasyChannel™ system gives you freedom like never before. the EasyChannel™ channel drain solution works in your choice of location, allowing you to set up a stylish shower drain quickly and securely, with the peace of mind of our 25-year warranty. Designed specifically for new concrete slab floors but can also be retro-fitted – this involves making a recess into an existing floor.