How Atlantis exceeds New Zealand’s waterproofing standards.

If you aren’t aware, amendments have recently been made to the Waterproofing Standards throughout New Zealand…


What does this mean?

If you’re currently renovating or planning a new bathroom, there are new standards your bathroom will now need to comply with.

At Atlantis, we’ve been campaigning for better tiled shower practices for over 20 years, and these small changes help to create better bathrooms for Kiwis.


Let’s jump on into the shower – it’s our favourite thing to do!

Shower Floor Materials

Only the following materials are now accepted under the revised standards. 

  • Plastic or Stainless Steel shower tray.
  • Integrally waterproof sheet (vinyl or acrylic sheet).
  • Ceramic or stone tiles on impervious substrate (e.g. on waterproof membrane), or impervious tray.  If tiled floor then walls must be tiled.

Shower Wall Materials 

Only the following materials are now accepted under the revised standards. 

  • Plastic shower wall liners.
  • Integrally waterproof sheet (like vinyl or acrylic sheet flooring), sealed joints.
  • Ceramic or stone tiles on waterproof membrane.
  • Water resistant sheet lining pre-finished with high pressure laminate or polyurethane, with impervious joints.


Each Atlantis Tile-Over Shower features a fibreglass shower tray, which includes a ‘water stop’ (an aluminium glazing channel which acts as a water barrier). This ensures that water cannot flow underneath the surface of the tiles and into your building structure – causing water leakage and costly remediation/insurance claims. It’s innovations like these that have forged our legacy since Atlantis was founded in 2001, and continues to separate us from the rest.

It’s no secret that we’ve been designing superior showers for more than 20 years, and something that we’ve always stood by are our 100% waterproof shower tray systemsLinea Quattro & EasyTile Showers – including our unrivalled 25-year leakfree warranty.

As shown below, see how both of our tiled showers – Linea Quattro and EasyTile – are designed and manufactured to combat water leaks and exceed the recent changes to the standard. We know that shortcuts should never be taken when it comes to tiled showers – the implications can be disastrous.


View the technical data shown above in more detail here.


Seeing the advantages of a product like the one above, rather than a foam tray or in-situ concrete screeded shower floor is a no-brainer. Just look at a couple of the examples below to see what can happen if one of these showers isn’t waterproofed perfectly, a product fails or a mistake leads to water leakage.



Just imagine the headaches and heartache these repairs would have caused – not to mention the financial cost of the remedial work involved too. These are all reasons why we offer a 25-year leakfree warranty with our tile-over shower trays.


We’re passionate about our showers and for good reason. Explore our Linea Quattro and EasyTile showers for more information and relevant literature, or get in touch with us to pick our brains even more!