by Atlantis™

shower-base-installation-medLiberettoStone™ is the essence of the elegant, handcrafted Ebony & Ivory Collection™. LiberettoStone™ is a mix of resin and fine stone properties that is then cast and polished to create beautiful bathroom pieces.

Ebony & Ivory Collection™ showers, baths, vanities and mirrors are all handmade to create the finest and most stunning products that showcase the level of craftsmanship and design that has gone into each product.

LiberettoStone™ includes the benefits of stone – easy-to-clean and unparalleled strength – and while being durable, LiberettoStone™ is polishable in order to remove any small imperfections that may occur during everyday use.

Ebony and Ivory Collection™ LiberettoStone™ vanities are supplied with a diamond hole saw (35mm) and are able to be drilled through easily, allowing for standard or custom placement of tapware. LiberettoStone™ baths and showers hold heat extremely well and look beautiful while doing so.