Striking style and innovative design: small bathroom style ideas

Choosing a shower? Make sure you don’t compromise on quality to get good design. Attractive, modern showers must also be watertight, which is something Bruce Warner of Atlantis knows a great deal about. Looking for the right solution for your home?

Read our interview with Bruce to learn more…


Does striking design need to come at the cost of watertightness? Not according to Bruce Warner – founder and chief designer at Atlantis.

For years, Atlantis has specialised in robustly watertight shower systems manufactured right here in New Zealand, with a comprehensive 25 year warranty. But Atlantis showers don’t just perform well, they’re also highly styled and in line with modern bathroom design. So what’s new in the world of shower aesthetics? We spoke to Bruce to find out more and understand the key advantages of a modular shower system.


Where attractive design and solid waterproofing come together

“When Atlantis first pioneered the waterproof tiled shower tray, it was all about perfecting the tray and designing a product that was incredibly watertight. We’ve already evolved the product that’s incredibly functional, which allows us to focus on the look and create really beautiful showers,” explains Bruce.

The product includes a reinforced fibreglass tray – a strong, solid material weighing upwards of 15-20 kg per square metre. Bruce likens the tray to a miniature swimming pool, laid flat on the floor and then tiled over – a single solid piece with no fabrication.

This solution is a key point of difference for Atlantis. “Often, shower trays are made of materials like a foam board with a waterproofing layer on top. With Atlantis showers, the material is already waterproof so there’s no need to bring in another product. It’s there, ready to tile, with a 25 year leakfree guarantee.”

Beyond that, there’s incredible design. We asked Bruce to talk us through what he’s seeing in terms of emerging trends.


“There’s a big demand for level entry, which is something we’ve been doing for some time now. Buyers right now are looking for something that’s completely flush, which of course means you need an exceptional waterproofing system in place.”

Echoing cabinetry design, soft closing sliding shower systems are making their way into the market. “We have just released a beautiful soft closing shower system including sizes as small as 900 and as large as 1800.”

According to Bruce, shower trends should be innovative and guided not only by aesthetics, but on practicality. This pragmatism is what’s behind Atlantis’ latest offering, Ellure tile look shower walls. A new product compatible with all Atlantis shower bases and screens. Ellure walls – supplied 2400 high – mirror the clean lines and luxury appeal of tiles while performing as a functional acrylic wall.

“Ellure Tile Look Wall panels replace tiling. This system is an alternative supplied straight from the factory and customised for every application. The panels adhere to Gib Aqualine walls without the need for waterproofing, grout or visible silicon, making it incredibly easy-to-install; saving time and money.”


The advantages of a modular shower system

Ellure Walls are a prime example of Atlantis ‘modular system’ approach to shower solutions.

“What we offer is a fully integrated system. We’re not selling a collection of parts – our showers are designed and manufactured to seamlessly integrate, including everything that’s required for the system. In fact, we rarely sell our products as parts. We prefer a modular system that integrates directly into your project. Tiled showers have always been a construction product – something you need to build using highly skilled labour. What we’re doing is innovating systems that take a complex shower and allow it to be simply installed.”



There are a few key advantages to this:

  • Improved aesthetics – With integrated solutions, everything is designed to look good together, which allows end-users to enjoy features like level entry and high-quality glazing. Because products are made to be sold together, you’ll also not need to worry about silicon filling gaps from items not fitting.
  • Advanced waterproofing – Similarly, you’ll know it works together. The entire system has been tested extensively, offering peace of mind that your shower system is leakproof backed by a 25-year Leakfree Warranty.
  • Ease-of-installation – A modular shower system eliminates the need for advanced contractors. In the past, you might be required to hire a plumber, glazier and a handful of other skilled tradespeople. With an Atlantis system, a trained installer can easily handle the job.

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