Emerging Trends and Bathroom Renovations; all you need to know.

Sales Manager for Atlantis, Garth recently caught up with Interior Design Consultant, Livia from Prima Build, to discuss all things bathrooms. From emerging trends, to renovations and beyond.


Hi Livia! Thanks for your time today. Let’s get stuck in:

Q. ‘Emerging trends in the bathroom renovation market, are there any new colours?’

People are loving the matte look at the moment, especially for basins and benchtops. Not to mention, concrete finishes, an emerging trend that’s making itself known. 

Soft, earthy neutral tones are also trending, for that lighter and brighter bathroom design. And, concrete, dark woodgrains or darker textured tiles will give your bathroom that ‘moody’ look.

Colours: Moody blues and grey greens, paired with natural timbers.  

Finishes: Gold, aged and brushed brass finishes for bathroom hardware. Brushed nickel is also quite popular with our clients right now. Chrome is no longer as popular as the unique finishes are, like matte black and brushed finishes. 

Textures: A big one. Incorporating textures into your bathroom with a feature wall, panelling, or woodgrain cabinetry is a go-to, right now.


What Livia’s loving right now:

  • Terrazo Tiles.
  • Hex Feature Walls.

Hex Ellure Tile Look Walls by Atlantis.


Q. ‘Smaller apartments and bathrooms are more and more common, how do you best utilise space?’

One of our recent clients had quite a small bathroom space, and they wanted to fit a bath into that space without making it any bigger, so we had this really tiny space to work with, and we utilised it by incorporating:

  • Clearances: Having clearances between bathroom products can make the space feel bigger, not to mention they make small spaces a lot easier to clean.
  • Storage: Incorporating recessed wall cabinets or utilising two draw wall hung vanities, are great for small spaces. Cue, Recessed Towel Warmers.
  • Showers: Angled showers allow for smaller spaces, to feel that little bit bigger. Sliding shower doors are also a great go-to for small spaces. Cue, Frameless Glass Screens or one of our smaller shower options, like a 900×750.


Q. ‘Atlantis manufactures a level-entry shower system, do you see this as an advantage or disadvantage, and are they quite popular?’

We love the level-entry look. It makes any space feel bigger, and not to mention flaunts clean lines which is really important in the design. Where possible, we will always recommend level-entry systems to our clients.


Atlantis Linea Quattro Level Entry Shower System


Q. ‘Changes in the market – anything notable?’

We’ve recently been noticing that a lot of people are now more aware of New Zealand made products, and they’re what people are looking for, which we also push quite heavily. 

  • Quality is being valued more and more.

“Good quality does equal the fact that products are going to last longer.”


Q. ‘What is the main decision-making criteria when doing a renovation? Is it to add property value, or to refresh and up-spec the bathroom space?’

We tend to see that a large percentage of clients are wanting a beautiful, modernised bathroom space, that’s more functional. 

However, it has also been mentioned and we’re seeing this ourselves since Covid-19, that bathroom renovations are becoming widely popular more than new builds, as people are spending more time in their homes, and many are now looking for those higher-quality fixtures. 


Q. ‘What is your reason for using a tileable fibreglass shower tray over traditional methods of screed, waterproofing, or foam shower trays, that require waterproofing?’

Atlantis and their products provide the peace of mind that we and our clients are looking for, and our clients are willing to spend that little extra, to have just that.

  • Time: The time that it takes for us to install the products and systems.
  • Quality: If we can install a system quite quickly, one that’s of higher-quality, not only gives us peace of mind, but our clients also.
  • Potential Leaks: We don’t have to fear that if anything goes wrong, that it’s going to be contained within the tray. Again, this provides peace of mind for our clients.


Recent bathroom renovation by Prima Build, featuring an Atlantis EasyTile Shower.


Q. ‘Qualities, Features and Options.’

Options are a big one. I love that Atlantis have got the different hardware options coming through, and I believe that, that’s going to become a massive thing, that we’re going to see become a lot more popular. 


Q. ‘As a company, how do you find Atlantis to deal with?’

Fantastic. We very rarely have any issues on-site, so we never have to call the Atlantis team. Your packaging is second to none, so there are hardly ever any issues or scratches with any of the products either. 

Atlantis is great to deal with, a smooth and seamless experience that always makes our lives a lot easier. 

Higher-quality fixtures designed and engineered in New Zealand are the very roots of our brand, which we’ve been inventing for close to 20 years. We provide the peace of mind that you’re looking for and can guarantee that shower leaks are a thing of the past. So, set your imagination free and let those design inspired juices start flowing, and transform the look of your new or existing bathroom with Atlantis.


Thanks for your time Livia!

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