Create space instantly in your bathroom, without major renovations

Have you found yourself Googling ‘How to add more space to a small bathroom’ or scrolling Pinterest for ideas?


You don’t need to be a DIY fanatic to know that the biggest problem with having a small bathroom is the constant inability to store towels and toiletries. Not to mention, adding luxury touches – your favourite perfumes, candles and decor ornaments – nigh on impossible with a small bathroom. As the famous saying goes, you can’t move mountains, and it’s easy to think that you can’t make any additional space in your bathroom without undertaking major renovations … or can you?

We understand the importance of having a bathroom space that’s unique and as spacious as possible. After all, we spend an average of 182 hours per year in the bathroom, with it being the main space in your home where you can take care of yourself, and have some privacy. Let’s not forget all of the inspiration you’ve found while singing in the shower, too!

1. EasyNiche, 2. EasyNiche Aura Shelf, 3. EasyNiche Recessed Towel Warmer


We’re passionate about beautiful, well planned bathrooms. Passion leads to ideas, which is why we’ve developed a range of bathroom products designed specifically to add more space to your bathroom, without having to renovate – it’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! Moving mountains became just a little easier.


1. EasyNiche

The pre-formed soap and shampoo recess, available in three different styles; Tile-Over, Exposed and Retrofit – all which are easy to clean, 100% waterproof and provide space in areas where you didn’t think you could achieve it!

EasyNiche Options


2. EasyNiche Aura Shelf

Designed to create an instant storage shelf in your bathroom, without taking up any extra space. Aura can be placed wherever you like, above a bath, or beside your vanity – the options are endless. Available in Gloss White or Matte Black.

EasyNiche Aura Shelf options


3. EasyNiche Recessed Towel Warmer

Minimalist design, with options to match the aesthetic of any modern bathroom style. The Recessed Towel Warmer is sleek and robust, and sings practicality. Ideal for smaller bathrooms where space is tight, it can even be installed behind a door. Much like the Aura Shelf, space is instantly added to hang your wet towels ensuring they’re dry before your next shower, without taking up any additional space.

The EasyNiche Recessed Towel Warmer is available in a range of finishes. Check these out here.

EasyNiche Recessed Towel Warmer – Black with Aged Brass Rails and White with Black Rails


So, if you’ve been tearing your hair out, or going somewhat insane every time you step foot in your bathroom, get in touch with us for more information!