The benefits of choosing a quality acrylic shower

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We love our Premium Acrylic Systems and the endless opportunities that they provide our clients, from water-tightness, ease of installation, maintenance, reduced costs and much more. One of the biggest benefits of an Acrylic Shower is that they can usually be installed or replaced without having to obtain a building consent, saving you time and money – win, win. That’s a cool $2000+ saved right there, which could help to fund a bathroom accessory or two with those savings.


Benefits to the Bathroom Renovating Extraordinaire

  • Replacing like-for-like

You have the option to remove your current acrylic shower and replace it with a new Atlantis Acrylic Shower, without needing a building consent. Don’t worry, if you haven’t previously had an Atlantis acrylic shower – you can still replace it with one by Atlantis, refreshing the look and feel of your bathroom in a matter of hours.

  • Achieve the Tiled Shower Look – without the hassles

Explore our range of Ellure Tile Look Walls. They’re designed specifically to give your shower the look of tiles, using an acrylic wall liner.

  • Savings

You can save yourself up to $10,000 on consents, tiles, tiling and installation fees if you opt to ‘go Acrylic’ instead.

Benefits to the ‘We’re building’ Homeowner

  • Ease of Installation

On average it takes no more than 4 – 6 hours to install an acrylic shower, compared to a traditional shower that requires tiling, which can take several days and multiple tradespeople. This will save drastically on labour costs.

  • Cleaning and Maintenance.

Everyone knows it – tiled showers are harder to clean than acrylic showers. Often tiles are slightly rough, leaving more room for soap scum and bacteria to build up over time. An acrylic shower is easy to clean with warm soapy water and there’s no grout which can be a key area that mold and mildew build up over time.

  • Savings

You can save yourself upwards of $5,000 on tiles, tiling and installation fees if you opt to ‘go Acrylic’ instead.


Simply put, if you’re replacing like-for-like and not moving plumbing or doing major building works, you shouldn’t need a building consent. But, if you’re replacing an acrylic shower with a tiled shower, you generally need a building consent.

Alternatively our Ellure Tile Look Walls are a quick and hassle-free alternative to tiling – minus the need for waterproofing, tiling, and the tradespeople involved. You’ll also save considerably due to the quick installation of the Ellure Tile Look Wall Panels.

Acrylic Showers offer so many benefits. While many New Zealand Homeowners simply prefer the look of Tiled Showers – is it worth all of the added cost?


If you’re intrigued and/or have some questions, send them our way! Or feel free to explore our tried, tested and trusted range of showers here.

– The Atlantis Team